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Anna Wallen Sloan was born & raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico & has been enthusiastic about animals since her first memories. Caring for a variety of mammals, avians, reptiles, & fish as a child always brought Anna to life. With a strong sense of curiosity & a commitment to forever learning new things, Anna has become a wealth of knowledge, specializing in training dogs to become service animals for the disabled & caring for injured, sick, or behaviorally challenging pet parrots. Anna herself lives with a visual impairment after overcoming congenital blindness & has a special heart for vulnerable populations, human & animal alike.

By eighteen years old, Anna had already experienced wrestling with a grizzly bear, feeding tigers, swimming with wild sting rays in the ocean, commiserating with hard working elephants, being wrapped up in a giant python, singing to munching giraffes, & feeling the exhilaration of riding spirited horses bareback. She captured their beauty in colorful works of fine art & sold her pieces in local galleries, being careful to consider each of her subjects as a unique individual.

Anna's heart was stolen in 2001, when a friend's sun conure flew onto her shoulder & proceeded to bite her in the face! Wondering with curiosity why she had been attacked by such an adorable little bird, Anna began to study parrot species & parrot behavior. After volunteering at a local bird store for a number of years, Anna officially opened her own not-for-profit bird rescue, Macaw & Cockatoo Rescue of New Mexico, & has been the director since 2009. Having rehabilitated thousands of parrots of nearly every species kept in captivity over several decades, & working directly with tens-of-thousands of parrot loving people, Anna has become an authority on avian care & behavior, with a personal understanding of each species and individual gained only through hands on care.

Anna lives for the joy of blessing those who need to find a safe place to rehome their pet birds, rehabbing angry, scared, sad or sick birds, and watching wonderful new families interacting with each of her beloved fosters. The biggest joy is seeing both avian and human fall in love and find the daily joy that bonding with these remarkable avian companions can provide. Anna is always eager to provide consultations, free grooming of beaks and nails, and boarding services both short and long term. Anna has worked hard to create a home based rescue where the rescue birds have their own building, a dedicated quarantine room on it's own air supply, and a quiet aviary for birds that are easily stressed. She is delighted to set up one on one appointments with individuals who want to visit or to get involved with the important work she does. She works closely with other rescues, local veterinarians, community members, and specialized avian board certified veterinarians who provide a powerful wealth of knowledge with even the most complicated situations.

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